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Postgraduate Common Application Portal

Complete and submit your admission applications for diplomas, masters and doctorate degree courses.

You can apply for postgraduate degree courses offered by Al-Qalam University Postgraduate School in various ways. One of such ways is through the Common Application Service. Applying through this service which allows you to submit your single application to multiple postgraduate schools in Nigeria; at the time.

Al-Qalam University Postgraduate School accepts applications submitted through the Common Application Service. The application you submit here will automatically flow through our internal assessment systems ensuring that all the information you submit comes straight to us.

As with the typical application process, you are to review all program-specific instructions in order to properly complete the common application process, including the submission of transcripts, references, test scores, essays, supplemental materials, and other important items.

You can review and download the admission brochure which provides additional information on courses and programmes offered by Al-Qalam University Postgraduate School.

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