Apply to Postgraduate Schools in Nigeria

Fill one application form; and submit to one or more postgraduate schools through our common application service

PgCAS for Applicants

Applying to postgraduate schools in Nigeria can be a tedious and often stressful process for students. It can also be quite time demanding, expensive and sometimes applicants may need to read through multiple brochures, visit multiple webiste to gather the information required to make the right course choice.

To make access to information easier and applying to postgraduate schools cheaper and faster, we have created a portal that consolidates all postgraduate school forms in an attempt to help provide local admission application support services to students who wish to apply for postgraduate programmes in Nigeria.

One objective of this system is to save time and work for students by letting them apply to single or multiple programs through a single, centralized application form and one set of supporting documentation, applicable by program selection. With this approach, students feel more connected to programs of interest through responsive application support, proactive communications and real-time application status updates.

We help students present their best selves to admissions officers through the application, essay and interview process with less stress and greater success.

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